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San Jose workers’ comp attorneys, workplace accident, workers’ comp law, injured workers, pain and sufferingInjuries sustained at work can be extremely painful. You may not be able to work for some time and you may have to go to several doctor appointments before you can get relief. Furthermore, your pain may keep you from enjoying your life, and your family may have to take care of you while you recover.

In California, under personal injury law, you could be awarded damages for your medical bills, your lost wages, and your pain and suffering, which includes your loss of enjoyment of life. Moreover, your family members could be compensated for their losses related to you as well.

However, under workers’ comp law, injured workers are not eligible for pain and suffering damage awards, which can surprise some people. Workers are typically only awarded medical bills and lost wages.


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San Jose Workers’ Comp benefits attorneys, injured workers, permanent disability benefits, temporary disability benefits, supplemental job displacement benefitsIf you have been injured on the job, then may wonder what help you could receive from workers’ compensation. Every case is different when it comes to the benefits for which a worker will be eligible. However, in most cases, injured workers face serious financial hardship as well as injuries that threaten their livelihood. These benefits are designed to ease that burden.

If you are an injured worker, you should be aware of what benefits you are entitled to, and you should also contact an attorney to make sure you receive said benefits.

Workers’ comp insurance provides five benefits. You may not qualify for all five. The five benefits are:


OSHA statistics, California workplace injury attorney, workplace injuries, work-related accidents, medical feesAccidents in the workplace occur from carelessness or ignorance. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), 14 workers die each day as a result of work-related accidents and tens of thousands experience injuries. Each year, two million people experience injuries severe enough to necessitate ongoing medical treatment. Most of these statistics are preventable with proper training and attention to detail.

An employer has the responsibility to help protect and maintain a safe work environment; however, each worker also has the individual responsibility of actively seeking to keep it safe, for themselves and their co-workers. When implemented correctly, these work practices have successfully reduced the number of injuries in companies around the country.

Avoid Shortcuts


Santa Clara County premises liability attorneys, commercial cannabis businesses, workplace safety, OSHA compliance, workplace injuriesMarijuana is currently legal for adult use in eight states, including California; thus, cannabis is sold both for medicinal purposes and recreational use. The legislation created a multitude of job opportunities for entrepreneurs and job seekers alike. Although pot is not federally supported at this time, new commercial cannabis businesses must still comply with federal laws and regulations.

According to the Occupational Safety and Health law, employers in every industry must create a safe work environment for workers. Although this is a new industry, it is growing at an unprecedented rate. It is important that these businesses strive to limit potential risks to employees.

Top Five OSHA Infractions


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forklift injuries, San Jose forklift accident injury attorney, workplace accidents, workplace dangers, workplace injuriesAcross the board, forklifts may be one of the most useful pieces of industrial equipment a business owner purchases. Forklifts are essential in the efficient movement of bulky items. Some businesses even use forklifts to move people with the use of the appropriate forklift attachments. Their versatility and practicality are unarguable; however, the convenience comes with significant risks. Forklifts are also among the most dangerous areas of a workplace. The following are the most common forklift injuries, as well as how to prevent them.

“Struck by” Forklift

“Struck by” accidents are so prevalent that they rank among OSHA’s “Fatal Four.” These injuries happen when an object or piece of equipment hits the victim. Although they can be similar to “caught in” or “caught between” accidents, “struck by” accidents are different because they do not entail crush injuries. Surprisingly, forklifts are responsible for a significant portion of these incidents. The equipment has a large number of blind spots; it also travels quickly and quietly. All of these factors create a deadly combination. Forklifts should operate in designated areas, and pedestrians should avoid these locations to reduce these risks, as well as having a clearly marked driving path.


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