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Santa Clara County premises liability attorneys, commercial cannabis businesses, workplace safety, OSHA compliance, workplace injuriesMarijuana is currently legal for adult use in eight states, including California; thus, cannabis is sold both for medicinal purposes and recreational use. The legislation created a multitude of job opportunities for entrepreneurs and job seekers alike. Although pot is not federally supported at this time, new commercial cannabis businesses must still comply with federal laws and regulations.

According to the Occupational Safety and Health law, employers in every industry must create a safe work environment for workers. Although this is a new industry, it is growing at an unprecedented rate. It is important that these businesses strive to limit potential risks to employees.

Top Five OSHA Infractions


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forklift injuries, San Jose forklift accident injury attorney, workplace accidents, workplace dangers, workplace injuriesAcross the board, forklifts may be one of the most useful pieces of industrial equipment a business owner purchases. Forklifts are essential in the efficient movement of bulky items. Some businesses even use forklifts to move people with the use of the appropriate forklift attachments. Their versatility and practicality are unarguable; however, the convenience comes with significant risks. Forklifts are also among the most dangerous areas of a workplace. The following are the most common forklift injuries, as well as how to prevent them.

“Struck by” Forklift

“Struck by” accidents are so prevalent that they rank among OSHA’s “Fatal Four.” These injuries happen when an object or piece of equipment hits the victim. Although they can be similar to “caught in” or “caught between” accidents, “struck by” accidents are different because they do not entail crush injuries. Surprisingly, forklifts are responsible for a significant portion of these incidents. The equipment has a large number of blind spots; it also travels quickly and quietly. All of these factors create a deadly combination. Forklifts should operate in designated areas, and pedestrians should avoid these locations to reduce these risks, as well as having a clearly marked driving path.


electrocution, San Jose, electrical injury attorney, workplace safety violations, electrocution safety, workplace injuriesConcerns about high voltage safety training reignite as another electrocution makes it way into the headlines. This time, a Modesto city worker died as he installed a new street light, Cal/OSHA reports. The man was an electrician's assistant and worked for the city for six years. The incident initiated a full-blown investigation, allowing Cal/OSHA six months to issue citations for any workplace safety violations. As the investigation continues, many local companies are reinforcing electrocution safety protocol.

Tips to Avoid Electrical Shock in the Workplace

Electricity operates nearly everything around us. Depending on your workplace conditions, you may be surrounded by more exposed forms of power than other occupations, thputting you at higher risk for electrocution. It is important to remember that electricity can not only cause severe and permanent damage, but it can also be fatal. Here are a few C tips for keeping yourself safe in the workplace:


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construction fatalities, workplace injuries, OSHA regulationsIn 2016, 5,190 workers died while on the job. This statistic represents more than 5,000 individuals who went to work and were unable to come home. Moreover, the number equates to little more than 99 workers on average, per week, and 14 each day. Twenty-one percent of these deaths occurred in the construction industry.

While every job has a unique set of hazards, construction carries a higher amount of risks, therefore making construction workers more prone to severe injuries, or even fatalities. One-in-five worker deaths in 2016 were construction-related.

OSHA’s Fatal Four


workers’ compensation insurance, workplace injury claims, San Jose workplace injury attorney, workers’ compensation benefits, third-party claimsSince 1913, California law requires that all businesses carry workers’ compensation insurance. No matter the size of the operation or whether a worker sustains injury from a one-time accident or repeated work-related exposure, employers must pay for these benefits.

Workers' comp covers many of the costs associated with a work-related injury. The truth is, even after enacting these benefits, injured employees are frequently left with fees unpaid by the insurance company. In some cases, other alternatives earn the required financial coverage necessary.

Workers’ Compensation Rights


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