Australian Study Suggests Cleaning May Be More Dangerous Than Construction

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San Jose work injury lawyersResponsible for more than 19 percent of all fatal work injuries in the United States, and with almost 2.9 million nonfatal work injuries per year, the construction industry has long been considered the most dangerous industry in which to work. However, a recent Australian study suggests that cleaning jobs may be more dangerous than construction. Is it possible, and what might that mean for cleaning industry workers in America? The following explores these questions, and it provides you with details on when and where to find assistance with your work injury claim.

Australian Cleaning Industry Has More Injuries

While examining workers’ compensation claims filed in New South Wales, researchers made a surprising discovery: while the construction industry’s rate of injury was high – about 9.5 claims filed per million hours worked – they did not have the highest overall percentage of work injuries. Instead, that title went to the cleaning industry, where claims were filed at a rate of about 11.4 per million hours worked. Most people would be shocked to learn this information, but when you consider the hazards within the cleaning industry, the reasons for a higher injury rate become more apparent.

Mops and wet floors create slip and fall hazards, even for the people who are cleaning them. Workers in the cleaning industry are also exposed to chemicals on an almost constant basis, so inhalation injuries and chemical burns are common. Sprains, strains, and other soft tissue injuries are also common, due to the heavy lifting that is often associated with the job. Authorities from the NSW indicate that salary issues may also be a factor in the high injury rate throughout the area, and it could be a factor in the states as well.

What Might This Study Mean for Americans in the Cleaning Industry?

While the new study covers only the NSW, it does shed some light on an industry that is often overlooked by safety advocates here in America. While the work injury rates within the cleaning industry here may not be the same as they are there, one can almost bet that the U.S.'s  cleaning industry rates are high enough to cause concern. The study also highlights the importance of increased protection for workers within the cleaning industry.

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