Construction Workers at an Elevated Risk for Sprain and Strain Injuries

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San Jose work injury lawyersThe efforts of safety advocates, including the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) have greatly improved working conditions for employees in the construction industry. Unfortunately, a new study has confirmed that construction workers are still at an alarmingly high risk for on-the-job sprains and strains. Why is this still an issue, even as other types of injuries are on the decline, and what can victims do if their injuries are the result of employer negligence? The following information explains.

Sprains and Strains in the Construction Industry

Although strains and sprains are rarely fatal injuries, they can cause an employee to miss time at work. As a result, they and their family may experience financial distress. Medical costs, which are supposed to be covered by the workers’ compensation system, may also be an issue if the worker has not reported the injury to their employer. This lack of reporting – though less common than it once was – can be caused by fear. For some employees, it is fear of retaliation, such as job loss, cut hours, or cut pay. For non-citizens, the fear may be deportation. Unfortunately, not reporting an injury can have long-term consequences, especially if the employee never seeks the medical care they need.

Even Minor Work Injuries Should be Reported

Many construction workers indicate that they do not report minor injuries – and not just because of fear. Instead, most say they feel that minor injuries are a “part of the job.” Because they do not feel they are entitled to any form of compensation, they may return to work while still injured. Sadly, this can increase their risk of fatality or secondary injury. For example, a worker with a back injury may overstretch while on an elevated workspace and then fall, or they may try to lift something and severely injure their back. In either situation, the employee may miss more work, putting them at further financial risk, and they may even find that their injuries are not covered under the workers’ compensation system because the initial injury was not reported.

Seek the Compensation You Deserve

The burden of work injuries should never be placed on the employee. Instead, it belongs to the employer, who should either cover the injury through the workers’ compensation system or through private, out-of-pocket payments. Either way, victims should pursue the compensation they deserve – even if the injury seems minor. Doing so not only increases the chances of a full recovery, but it can also ensure that the victim’s family does not experience unnecessary suffering or financial stress.

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