Preventing Falls, the Leading Cause of Construction Accident Deaths

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San Jose construction fall injury lawyerFalls at construction sites account for the most worker deaths in the industry. Falls also produce a substantial number of injuries. Tragically, deaths and injuries from falls are often preventable.

According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), there were 370 fatal falls reported in 2016. To put that number in perspective, there were 991 total construction fatalities that same year. If you have been injured or your loved one has died while working at a construction site, there may be benefits available to you, including monetary compensation.

Workplace Safety Measures to Prevent Falls

OSHA describes the following actions that employers should take to prevent construction site falls:

  • Plan ahead. Employers should plan construction jobs with workers’ safety in mind. This means they should anticipate how jobs and tasks will be completed and what safety equipment is required. Safety equipment should be ordered and scheduled in advance, and it should also be budgeted for by the employer.
  • Provide the correct safety equipment. Any time a worker is at least six feet above a lower level, he or she is at an increased risk for falling. Safety equipment has seen a great deal of innovation in recent years, and employers should be sure the proper ladders, scaffolds, and safety gear for the circumstances are provided and used correctly.
  • Train workers on job site equipment. Each construction employee must be educated on the correct setup and use of equipment at a worksite. Employees should also be trained on spotting onsite construction hazards. There are many places to find educational materials and resources for posters, fact sheets, and other training materials that can provide employees with the information they need to practice workplace safety.

Contact a Santa Clara County Workplace Fall Injury Attorney

If you have been injured as a worker on a construction site, you are most likely eligible for workers’ compensation benefits. In fact, workers’ comp is likely the only remedy you have available. Unfortunately, workers’ compensation can be difficult to understand, especially for those who have not had to deal with this system. You may not be aware of all of the rights and benefits you have under the law, or you may be denied a treatment or benefit that you believe you are entitled to. 

In these cases, an accomplished San Jose construction injury lawyer can be a huge asset. The attorneys at Corsiglia McMahon & Allard, L.L.P. have helped many injured workers get medical treatment and monetary payments for time off work or compensation for permanent injuries. While we handle many workers’ comp cases with little time in court, we are also experienced litigators, and we will fight for you to get the benefits you need. Our firm provides free consultations to injured workers. Call us today at 408-289-1417.


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