Short-Term Workers More Likely to Experience Injury on the Job

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San Jose work injuryEmployers are supposed to ensure the safety of all their workers. Unfortunately, a recent study indicates that they may be falling short when it comes to protecting temp workers. Found to have one of the highest work injury rates in the country, these workers may be at an increased risk of death or serious injury while on the job. What can you do if it happens to yourself or someone that you love? The following explains, and it provides details on where to find help.

Injury Risk Double to Three Times Higher for Temp Workers

Statistics indicate that there are over three million temp workers in the United States. Many of them have been working in short bursts, at various companies, for a good decade – since the start of the Great Recession, which is what created such a strong market for temp workers.

Unfortunately, this unseen workforce is treated quite poorly; they rarely receive insurance packages, sick pay, vacation time, or other benefits. They also have an injury risk that can range anywhere from two to three times higher than company-hired employees, depending on their job type and location.

Understanding Your Rights After an Injury

Although temp workers are not employed by the company they work for, the temporary worker should still be covered if they are injured on the job – sometimes by the temp agency, sometimes by the employer, and sometimes by both. Unfortunately, even workers on the company’s payroll may find the workers’ compensation system difficult to navigate. How much more difficult is it for temp workers?

One woman, who served companies as a temp for 13 years, is still trying to gain compensation three years after a forklift operator drove over her foot while on the job. Her struggle is not unique. Thousands of temp workers are injured on the job each year, and many of them struggle to figure out where exactly they fit into the workforce and the workers’ compensation system. Most are left injured, unable to work, and desperate for a solution.

Our San Jose Work Injury Lawyers Can Protect Your Rights

If you have been injured on the job, either because of negligence, lack of training, or simply because accidents happen, you may be entitled to compensation. Unfortunately, temp workers are often allowed to slip through the cracks of the system. As such, you are encouraged to seek protection and legal assistance before filing your work injury claim.

Committed to ensuring you get the most compensation for your losses, Corsiglia, McMahon & Allard, LLP is the firm to trust. Dedicated and experienced, our San Jose work injury lawyers will fight for you. Schedule a free and personalized consultation to get started. Call 408-289-1417.



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