Social Media Use and Your Work Injury Case

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California work injury lawyersFor most Americans, social media is a lifeline – a connection to the world around them. They converse with friends and family, share special moments and updates, and can even make new friends from all around the world. Sadly, that lifeline can become a ticking time bomb for those pursuing a work injury case. Learn more about social media use during a workers’ compensation case, including how to protect your claim, with help from the following information.

NY Man’s Instagram Post Leads to Criminal Charges

Perhaps one of the most recent and concerning cases involving social media use and denied work injury claims is that of a man from upstate New York. He had filed a work injury claim after hurting his back on the job, but then supposedly posted a photo of himself kayaking in Puerto Rico. He also allegedly planned a trip to California when he was supposed to be injured. Now he is facing criminal charges for insurance fraud, workers’ compensation fraud, and falsifying business records – and all because he planned a vacation and posted pictures of it on Instagram instead of keeping it to himself.

How Insurance Companies Try to Deny Claims

Despite what most people believe, insurance companies are not on the side of victims. Instead, they are for-profit businesses that will do almost anything to deny a claim. They will investigate your whereabouts during the claim. They may even send people to follow you around to make sure you are not doing something you claim you can no longer do. However, social media has made their jobs much easier; many people share posts that invalidate their claims.

How do you avoid becoming one of them? Follow these social media tips:

  • If possible, stop using your social media account;
  • Ask friends and family not to tag you in photographs;
  • If you must use social media, do not refer to your case;
  • Avoid posting any information about injury progress (no matter how small);
  • Edit your profile settings to private; and
  • Never share information about a trip (regardless of your reason for taking it).

Your attorney can also guide you on more social media tips while working through your claim.

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