Home Firm Overview Testimonials Attorneys Bradley M. Corsiglia Timothy D. McMahon B. Robert Allard Mark J. Boskovich Lauren A. Cerri Mark A. Sigala Practice Areas Brain Injuries Catastrophic Injuries Construction Accidents Electrocution Injuries Forklift Accidents Premises Liability Product Liability Scaffolding/Ladder Accidents Third-Party Agencies and Entity Liability Uninsured Employers Warehouse Accidents Work Vehicle Accidents Wrongful Death Alternatives to Workers Compensation En Español Case Victories Media Video Gallery Awards & Memberships Blog 3 Things to Know About Vocational Training After a Workplace Injury OSHA’s Top 10 Most Cited Workplace Safety Violations Who Is Really Liable for Your Workplace Injuries? Why Are Forklifts So Dangerous? Types of Spinal Cord Injuries That Can Occur in the Workplace Health Consequences of Being Electrocuted on the Job Will My Employer Be Responsible for Injuries Sustained on My Lunch Break? Getting a Second Opinion When You Disagree About Workers’ Comp Treatment Why Will I Not Receive Pain and Suffering for My on the Job Accident? Workers’ Comp Benefits Explained Best Practices Proven to Reduce Workplace Injuries Guide to Worker Safety in the Commercial Marijuana Industry Surprising Forklift Dangers Electrocution in Modesto Reignites Safety Concerns Construction Safety: Avoiding OSHA’s Fatal Four When Can I Seek Compensation Outside of a Workers’ Compensation Claim? Why Should Concussions be Taken Seriously? Should I Sign Medical Release Documents After a Work Related Injury? MSHA Requires Examinations As of July 2018 New Beryllium Standard Enforcement Begins May 2018 California Hotel Workers Get New Injury Protections Starting July 2018 Defective Products Can Cause Workplace Injuries Improving Workplace Safety: California OSHA Regulations 2018 The Most Dangerous Jobs in America Repetitive Motion Injuries Have a Huge Impact on Our Nation’s Workforce Needle Stick Injuries Occur Even With Precautionary Measures The Hazards of Working in the Tree Care Industry Act Now on Your Workplace Injury Claim Before it is Too Late: Statute of Limitations Depression and Anxiety Increase Workplace Injury Dangers for Women Head Injury Patients Experience Greatest Recovery at Trauma Centers Workers at New Apple HQ Run into Glass Walls, Resulting in Injury Surprising Facts Surrounding Warehouse Safety New Scientific Discovery Surrounding Impacts of Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy Young Workers Have Safety Rights Tesla Claims Fremont Plant Is Now Safer for Workers New Hotel Housekeeper Safety Rules Approved by Cal/OSHA Work Fatalities Involving Transportation Injuries Are On the Rise Understanding Liability for Injuries Suffered at a Workplace Gym What To Do If You Experience One of These Common Workplace Injuries Receiving Compensation for Electrical Injuries On The Jobsite What If Workers’ Compensation Is Not Enough? Studies Suggests Workplace Safety Not Always a Top Priority Workplace Fatality Rate Reaches a 10-Year High Obtaining Compensation After a Work-Related Auto Accident – What Are Your Rights? Visits from Loss Prevention Insurance Agents Can Reduce the Rate of Injury on Construction Sites, Study Finds Digital Eye Strain is Reaching Epidemic Status – Could Your Job Be a Contributing Factor? Crash Kills Toll Worker on Bay Bridge Five Injured, Two Hospitalized Following High-Speed Rail Construction Accident Women More Likely to Experience Headaches and Repetitive Stress Injuries, OSHA Says Managing Workplace Stress – What Are Your Rights After a Mental Health Injury? Poultry Industry Wants to Speed Up Production, Despite Spotty Safety Records When You Are Injured but Your Employer Does Not Have Workers’ Compensation Insurance Ladder and Scaffolding Accidents Cause Thousands of Worksite Injuries Falling Objects a Fatal Threat for Construction Workers Are You Entitled to Money Outside of Workers’ Compensation? OSHA Says Workers Are Being Exposed to Legal but Unsafe Chemical Levels Five Non-Fatal Injuries Commonly Experienced by Construction Workers OSHA Issues Official Warning on the Dangers of Elevated Pallets Finding the Right Workplace Accident Lawyer How to Handle a Workplace Injury Australian Study Suggests Cleaning May Be More Dangerous Than Construction Construction Workers at an Elevated Risk for Sprain and Strain Injuries Short-Term Workers More Likely to Experience Injury on the Job Nanoparticle Injection May Reduce Inflammation After a Work-Related Spinal Injuries Women Are More Susceptible to Certain Workplace Injuries Leak at Port of Long Beach Injures 11 Dock Workers Immigrants Are Encouraged to Seek Extra Protection in a Work Injury Claim Older Workers May Be More Susceptible to Death in a Workplace Injury, Study Finds Workplace Violence Is a Serious Concern in Healthcare Jobs Bricklayers and Other Skilled Trade Workers Have an Alarming Injury Rate A Quick History of the Hard Hat Social Media Use and Your Work Injury Case Could Return-to-Work Programs Ease the Struggle for Injured Employees? Study Finds Traumatic Brain Injury May Increase Risk of Early-Age Dementia Goodwill Stores Under Investigation for Failure to Provide a Safe Working Environment Workplace Violence Causes Serious Injuries in the Nursing Industry A Brief Overview of Cal/OSHA Hearing Loss: The Most Common Workplace Injury New Bill Addresses Work-Related Heat Exposure in California Are You Entitled to More Than Workers’ Compensation for Your Workplace Injury? Work Injuries Sustained in the Office Pressure to Meet Earnings Expectations Increases Risk of Injury to Employees Collecting Compensation After a Construction Accident Radiation Exposure in the Workplace Can You Be Compensated for Post-Injury Complications? Employee Airs Concerns Over Injury Rates and Compensation Issues at Tesla Factory Underreporting of Work Injuries in the Construction Industry When Work Injuries are Linked to Non-Work Accidents – What You Should Know The Dangers of Ladders in the Workplace Injuries Sustained in Work-Related Car Accidents Toxic Chemical Exposure in the Workplace How Your Personal Life Can Impact Your Workers’ Compensation Claim New Medical Device Could Improve Outcomes for Severe TBI Victims Hiding Workplace Injuries Just Got Easier for Employers What to Do After a Workplace Back Injury Secondary Exposure to Asbestos Poses Risks to Families of Construction Workers Is Your Employer Liable for Your Work-Related Auto Accident? Workers’ Compensation versus Third-Party Liability – What Type of Claim Should You File? Scaffolding Accidents Remain a Concerning Cause of Work Injuries Wrongful Termination Case Brings the Legal Protections for Injured Workers to Light Robotic Exoskeleton May Reduce Workplace Injuries Workplace Illnesses Caused By Toxic Substances Repetitive Strain Injuries - What You Should Know Study Finds that Work Limitations After Traumatic Brain Injury Victims Can Persist for Years Study Finds Minorities at an Increased Risk for Serious Work Injuries Negligent Security Workplace-Based Sleep Health Program May Help Reduce Work Injuries for Firefighters Top 10 Most Common Workplace Injuries Bureau of Labor Statistics: Older Americans More Likely to Experience Workplace Death or Injury A Simple Blood Test Could Predict TBI Recovery Times Machine Malfunctions Can Cause Catastrophic Injuries Caltrans Worker Injured in Freeway Accident Gas Pipeline Explosions Continue to Injure Workers Most Common Workplace Injuries Third-Party Liability and Work Injuries - What You Should Know Before Filing a Workers’ Compensation Claim Mental Health Injuries in the Workplace: Not All Work Injuries Can Be Seen Report Finds Workplace Fatalities Rose in 2015 Psychological Effects of a Work Injury Can Remain, Long After Physical Injury Heals Study Suggests Apprentices Have a Higher Risk of Workplace Injury Than Full-Time Workers Work-Related Hearing Loss Exoskeleton Providing Hope to Injured Workers and Prevention to the Uninjured Forklift Accidents and On-the-Job Injuries – What You Need to Know Bureau of Labor Statistics Report Reveals Most Dangerous Private-Sector Industries for Workers Solar Panel Installation Company Cited for Willful Failure to Protect Workers State-by-State Workers’ Compensation Laws Dehumanizes Injured Employees Reported Workplace Concussions on the Rise Study Links Night and Evening Shifts to a Higher Risk of Workplace Injury Study Highlights the Dangers of Work-Related Stress and Its Effect on Work Injury Nighttime Farm Worker Injuries in California Hearing Loss is Currently the Most Common Work Injury in America Return to Work After Traumatic Brain Injury a Sensitive and Complex Matter Southern California Materials Company Fined Over Worker Asphyxiation Can I Collect Damages for an Injury Sustained in an Attack at Work? Settling Your Case Without a Workplace Accident Claim Preventing Sepsis After a Workplace Accident What Should Be in My Workplace First Aid Kit? The Difference Between Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy Avoid an Infection After a Workplace Accident Know the Signs of Shock After an Accident Recognizing Stress Injuries Sustained on the Job Permanent Disabilities You Can Suffer in a Workplace Accident What Are My Options if I Am Permanently Disabled in a Workplace Accident? Learning to Walk Again After a Traumatic Brain Injury Can I File a Workplace Accident Claim if I Work from Home? Could the Mold in My Workplace Be Hazardous to my Health? Can I File a Workplace Accident Claim If I Have Already Filed for Workers' Compensation? Strangulation Hazards in the Workplace Appealing a Rejected Workplace Accident Claim Resolving a Workplace Accident Claim Through Arbitration Workplace Injury Risk High for Hotel Housekeeping Staff Who Is an Expert Witness? What Is Sun Poisoning? Can I File a Workplace Accident Claim as a Non-U.S. Citizen? Seeking Compensation for a Miscarriage Caused By Lead Exposure in the Workplace Exposure to Lead in the Workplace and Infertility What to Do If You Suffer From Heat Stroke on a Worksite Recognizing Lead Poisoning Symptoms How to Avoid Lead Poisoning in Your Workplace Seeking Compensation When You Suffer PTSD After a Workplace Accident Who is an Independent Contractor? Proving Negligence in Your Workplace Accident Claim Workplace Injuries: What Is Serious and Willful Misconduct? Health Conditions That Can Increase Your Risk of Being Injured in a Workplace Accident Injured on the Job? Avoid Making These Mistakes The Four Types of Mesothelioma Do Men and Women Recover from Injuries Differently? Which Workplace Injuries Am I Most at Risk of Suffering? What Is Premises Liability? Can Recover Compensation After an Accident If I Have a Preexisting Injury? Three Types of Product Liability Cases Which Industries Put Workers Most at Risk of Developing Mesothelioma? Lead Poisoning and Workplace Injuries Potential Impact of a Workplace Accident: Am I Depressed? Spinal Cord Injuries How Can I Recover from a Concussion? Working Through Mental Health Problems After an Accident What is Mesothelioma? Types of Concussions Mental Health Issues That Can Accompany a Workplace Accident What Can a Claimant Seek in a Wrongful Death Claim? Avoiding Seasonal Hazards on the Job Specific Workplace Injury Concerns for Women Seeking Permanent Compensation for Your Injury Representing Yourself Can Harm Your Claim Seeking Pain and Suffering Damages Through a Third Party Claim Know How to Treat the Various Types of Burn Have You Been Exposed to a Toxic Substance in Your Workplace? Burn Classifications: Know How to Properly Treat a Burn Injury Which Workers are Most at Risk of Being Injured in the Workplace? What Does OSHA Do? Four of The Most Common Types of Injuries Sustained in the American Workplace Injuries Sustained in Work Vehicle Accidents What is a Catastrophic Injury? Who is Responsible for a Forklift Accident? Regular Professional Education Can Keep Your Workers Safe What You Need to Know When You Are Hurt in Car Accident While on the Job Staying at a Healthy Weight is Critical for Your Recovery Avoid a Slip and Fall Accident at Work Eat Right to Reduce Inflammation Exercises That Can Help Manage Pain as You Recover from Your Injury Evidence You Can Use to Support Your Workplace Injury Claim Permanent vs. Temporary Disabilities The Ten Most Dangerous Jobs in the United States What Are the “Fatal Four?” Do Not Ignore These Critical Concussion Symptoms Actions That Could Jeopardize Your Workplace Injury Claim If You are Injured in a Fall An Overview of Electrical Injuries Product Liability in a Workplace Accident Ways You can Prevent Injuries in Your Warehouse How Can I Be Injured in a Forklift Accident? Help! I am Injured and My Employer is Uninsured! What Should I Look for in a Workplace Injury Attorney? Your Role as an Injury Victim Filing a Wrongful Death Claim for a Victim of a Workplace Accident Why Should I File a Third Party Claim After a Workplace Accident? What Can Happen After a Head Injury? OSHA Issues Transgender Guidance Rideshare Drivers and Workers’ Compensation Can I Be Sanctioned for Filing a Workers’ Compensation Case? Am I an Independent Contractor? Why the Answer May Make All the Difference Willful Safety Violations and Carelessness: When Your Employer is Responsible for Your Injuries California Employer Found Liable in Window Washer’s Death California OSHA Issues Guidance, Updated Heat Rules AFL-CIO Report: Millions Suffer Work-Related Injuries and Illnesses Every Year Work Injuries in the Healthcare Industry Are a Serious Problem Research Institute Examines California’s Workers’ Compensation Reform Bill Ultrahazardous Activities – When Negligence Does Not Matter Winning Your Third-Party Work Injury Case Subrogation: What it Means and How it Can Impact Your Workplace Injury Compensation When Workers’ Compensation is not Enough Can I be Compensated for Lost Wages? I was injured at work - what do I need to tell my attorney? Am I limited to Worker's Compensation if I'm hurt on the job? Can a lawyer help me with workers compensation claims for a work injury? Worker is struck and killed by bus in bus yard Health care workers have higher injury rate An unsafely operated crane collapses and injures seven workers Doctor: Man's recovery from a construction accident is a miracle Are research laboratories dangerous workplaces? Workplace Fatality Statistics: You Might Be Surprised Paid Sick Leave Could Result in Reduced Workplace Accidents, Study Says Workers' Comp Claims in California: Head and Spinal Injuries Contact Map and Directions Resources Privacy Policy Disclaimer Sitemap



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